Cut Off Old Dress, Potong aje ye

This cheap and old dress I bought from vintage shop or we call bundle shop.

I bought also new yellow mustard skirt to match with the dress. Match old dress with new skirt.
After wearing a few time... Suddenly, noticed a small hole in the dress.

Saving my old dress?
Now, I cut off the dress.

 My new look old dress. 

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Hand Sock or Stoking tangan for ¾ Sleeve Dress

I love clothes with frilly. Lagi kembang, lagi I suka. Ropol-ropol is my favourite. A frilly dress make me  like ladies and perasan comel. Therefore, I prefer dress compare with blouse.

However, most beautiful dress with three quarter sleeves. Not many choices especially for cheap vintage dress in long sleeve.

Oh, sad..
Sedih sungguh.

 I not prefer to wear short sleeve.

Alternative since I gatal nak pakai juga..

I wear with hand sock.

Better for me.

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Semua vintaj dress dijual murah-murah.